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    What router model are you using?

    Can you change Personal to PSK (pre-shared key)? Or is there only an option to switch between Personal and Enterprise?

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    @msdeibel Did you get it to work?

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    Also, you won't see any flicker if you overwrite the whole screen, as long as you do it with the same stuff

    Right........ :)

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    Not sure about the wear on the flash, but I would argue that you still would see a flickering clock face every seconds.

    As far as I understand: offscreen buffers are not drawn faster. In your case you would have to redraw the complete watch face every second because the (analog) watch hand moves. So between seconds you would need to redraw the area the hand has crossed to restore the watch face.

    Take a look at @Gordon s image clock
    It is not flickering because it only draws the background once and then for every second updates only a small (rectangular) part of the background where the time is being displayed.

    But I guess you could do something similar for your clock too.

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    Hi Hank,

    you can start by reading the readme from the weather app³ itself: https://github.com/espruino/BangleApps/t­ree/master/apps/weather

    It has also linked a guide how to setup the weather app² for GB: https://codeberg.org/Freeyourgadget/Gadg­etbridge/wiki/Weather

    To summarize:
    1) Install GB widget and weather app³ to the Bangle
    2) Install GB android app on your phone (via the F-Droid package, NOT the google play store version)
    3) Install the additional android weather app² (see second link above)
    4) Setup weather app² and GB on your phone correctly (see second link above)
    5) connect GB app to your Bangle

    Hope the helps to get started.

    foot notes:
    ² - the Android weather app on your phone
    ³ - the BangleJS weather app from the app loader

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    Connecting to GadgetBridge can be tricky.

    What you are experiencing with Chrome is not just a connection to GB itself, but to Bluetooth in general. The BT icon (if you installed the BT widget) and the GB widget only check to see if there is any BT connection establish with any other device. If yes, the icons turn blue/shows a connection.

    You cannot connect to GB on the Bangle, your phone connects to the Bangle and then runs code that the Bangle reacts upon.

    But back to your problem: what phone do you use? And are you working with the latest version 0.43.3 from F-Droid (link here)? Do NOT use the version from the android app store. That is not working and not supported by the developers any more.

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    Hi Frans,

    I already scrolled through the wiki, no info there unfortunately.
    And of course I know about the espruino.com/GadgetBridge page.

    As for ACCEPT/REJECT: I may have found the spot in the GB source code late last night and it seems that GB reacts to {"t":"call","cmd":"START"} rather than {"t":"call","cmd":"ACCEPT"}. Haven't had time to test it though.

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    Hi there,

    did anyone already figure out the logic behind the call notifications sent from GadgetBridge? I did the following tests (timestamp+message):

    received call, caller hung up


    received call, Bangle hung up via reject command


    received call, answer using phone (because accept command does not work), caller hung up


    So it seems GB always send accept and start for a call but not always in the same order?

    And also as mentioned above, sending a reject command to GB rejects the call. However send an accept command does not work.

    I'm also trying to look through the GB log files on the phone as well as trying to read into the GB source code.

    But if anyone else has some information I'd surely appreciate it.

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    To clarify: are we talking about the launcher or the settings menu?

    I noticed that sometimes the launcher does not start. But I think that all comes down to insufficient RAM to build the apps list (I'm using the Toucher launcher btw). So reducing the number of installed apps and running widgets helped me to get around this problem.

    As for the settings menu: are you on the latest version for the settings (v0.19)? There were some tweaks that reduced RAM usage as well.

    Numerals Clock (button switching)

    As for the numerals clock, since I'm the original author: I know there is still a bug in the settings (it switches back to the default BTN2 when accessing the menu settings). Didn't have time yet to fix it though. Is that what you mean?

    You way to debug this would be if you connect to the WebIDE and see if you get an low memory exception if this behaviour appears.

    EDIT: just fixed the settings issue in Numerals clock as per PR #375