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  • @Robin did you hit Enter after Puck.debug=3? Looks like you didn't to me :/

    It's probably best not to sidetrack this thread into a chrome://bluetooth-internals inspection.

    @Paul, stab in the dark here, but did you change any settings in the Bangle? Maybe change them all back to defaults. I seem to recall that if you turned HID on, that could cause some issues on Windows.

    I use an Intel Bluetooth radio here and it's fine, so that by itself isn't going to be the issue.

    I'm not sure if it's already been suggested, but have you tried:

    • Restarting the computer
    • Turning the computer's Bluetooth off and back on?
  • Wed 2020.03.25

    'did you hit Enter after Puck.debug=3?'

    I typed 'Puck.debug=3' then pressed the 'Enter' key.

    The console then inserted the output as shown, pushing down the 'Puck.debug=3' line, so that is the reason it appears after. I thought odd, so I performed a new tab instance test to confirm.

    Wasn't attempting to: 'best not to sidetrack this thread' and I indicated that in post #26 as an observation only, but providing detail to @Paul as in post #12 the comment was:

    'It's possibly something that you could report to the Chrome team.'

    which is unnecessary, as I am pointing out isn't needed, as the Chrome console outputs the same for me as it seems to be what Paul indicated. Mine works with not complete output, his fails. Never gets to:

    puck.js:362 <BLE> Got service

    either, but I can happily code, he can't connect.

    Google Chrome is up to date
    Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    With reference to Chrome and internals, the 'Inspect' link isn't trustworthy for the output post #27 that is in error for the simple test I performed. That page also reports devices that aren't even there!! It is flawed. Don't rely on it!!

    I'm simply pointing out after the many tens of wasted hours over the last six months with intermittent BLE, and now we have three users reporting in the same thread.

    See post #21 Window10, Chrome and BLE, inconsistent, intermittent issues


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