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  • @fanoush, excellent explanation!!

    Looking various device options suggested in that post, I am really impressed with DT28 watch with its round display and also the nRF chipset used.

    So I really want to try flash espruino on Dt28 (via SWD as it is only option).
    So what do I need to compile espruino for DT28? a new file? What about the GPIO pin out for board file? Is is same as F18?


  • For a start I think you can just flash the MDBT42Q, as that firmware is pretty bare bones. But you have to figure out the pins.
    I have one, but first want to grab some info about the communication, as there is no visible marking on them (at least couldn't figure out).
    The LCD for example must be SPI, not parallel as there are not enough traces in the flatflex going to the display.
    Also it a has a different touch controller with more than two touch areas.
    And can measure more than just hearth rate, so there must be some differences there too...


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