• My Beta Bangle arrived just this friday, but almost immediatellly updated the firmware. What you experience sounds strange. What about connecting to it with the app-loader, and hit clean all + reinstall the apps? Maybe even connect with the web-ide, and reset('Purge the evil spirits!') it?

    Here is what I see: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IL5zAAR­YWwBgYIOZ_TDqA_4bC2KJlnDv/view (try download, playing back in the browser didn't work for me. Maybe some pre-processing by google...)

  • Sun 2019.01.05

    A video is worth a 1000 bytes of typing! , . . . or somethng of the sort ;-)

    Did both the items in #7 pp.1 yet again today. Waited till this evening and your response above arrived. Timely.

    Thank you for uploading that video as it proves out the difference. Missing from mine is the intermediate layer/level that has the three icons and the visible AppManager. With either the Espruino logo or a watch showing, BTN2 goes right to the 'Settings' menu.

    Now I'm wondering how the EU conf guys got by loading apps without that.

    So the real question now becomes, as the current download 2v04.218 is what apparently is on my device, how does one get that intermediate layer to show? Yet another app perhaps?
    Could it be that the 'bootloader' d/l from the app-loader page isn't truly overwriting the bootloader in place?

    'updated the firmware'

    Did you use the cutting edge build?


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