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  • Thanks Robin, that eventually worked however i realise i was missing a step and had to send a two different commands to make it work.

    I managed to get me remote made in time for christmas so thank you all for you help, here a video of my remote in action­?igshid=16amjui8jcves

    I hope you all had great a christmas

  • Thr 2019.12.26

    Thank you and Merry Christmas James @user104759 to you and your family.

    James, now that is one really cool project for the kiddies!

    and, . . . I'm sure you had as much fun getting it to work, . . . didn't you! ;-)
    excellent job on the woodwork controller

    Now the train has an Espruino onboard, time to one-up that toy manufacturer, and add some LED headlights, train whistle (not quite sure how to do that - maybe there is a sound module), electro-magnetic disconnect coupling, and simulated smoke??

    Had an idea, would you take the time to create a forum post under the 'Projects' heading to show off this result? Including both some static images along with the video link. Having (all) most of the code would really assist others to get a head start in doing other similar projects. Now, it would be really cool if that project could be extended using the Blockly graphical programming model, (click < / > icon at bottom of the WebIDE) so that the kiddies could 'program' the running train the way they want, perhaps? Just a thought . . . .


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