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  • Great little fun project!

    Did you notice some particular packet size(s)? Do you know abut the layout of the packages - what is at what position in the package and what the value means? Is it sent binary or in hex char? Does the communication happened paired or just advertised w/ address in pay load?

    00001624-1212-efde-1623-785feabcd123 looks like 16 bytes in hex... about right to (still) fit into an small packet or even an ad(vertisement).

    Looks like this 'spot' may provide insights...­s-protocol-docs

    PS: James it looks that you have two differen Espruino forum IDs - user106443 and user104759 - is that correct? First started the thread, latter used in last two posts of yours...

  • Thanks the lego link very helpful

    Yes it looks like the message it send contains the 16 bytes in hex followed buffer string that appears to vary in length. ie Buffer 05 00 01 02 02 or 0a 00 41 00 00 01 00 00 00 01

    sorry didn't realise i was using two account the previous message was sent from my work.


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