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  • Thanks, @Robin. Funny, I did a search on the espruino website for "mDNS" and got zero results. Yet that string exists in wifi.getHostname and wifi.setHostname. But I digress...

    I inserted that into the code and didn't notice anything happen when I ran mDNS discovery, but I'm at the learning stage. Anyway, I'm guessing that the code will respond only when in access point mode - as a response to network devices looking for a DHCP server. I'm not using it in AP mode - I'm just trying to use zeroconf to discover other devices and to be discovered. So far adding .setHostname() didn't help. I imagine there are other steps I need to accomplish, but I don't know what they are.

  • Our posts may have crossed, did you follow the link in #9 above?

    'I did a search on the espruino website for "mDNS"'

    It is usually best to load up a fresh Google page and use the 'site:' keyword qualifier.

    ex: mDNS wifi