• Looks amazing... the arrangement of the buttons has just to be declared as "ergonomic" - no doubts remain.

    For the big board, did you consider to use a RGB LEDs / Neopixels for the board? see: Large Display for Game Board. --- You would have to used strings higher pixel density (this is 30 /m, but there exist 60 /m and even 144 /m). And as you can see in the code, they are driven by the Espriuno Graphics object... which you already know how to code - write strings, draw lines and shapes, etc.

  • For the big board, I'll use the WS2811 leds (Neopixel)
    I've made holes is a carton box and put the leds in there. :)
    This was more easy to develop the code. I'll test the brightness soon.
    The board must be visible during summer days as well ;)



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