• Looks amazing... the arrangement of the buttons has just to be declared as "ergonomic" - no doubts remain.

    For the big board, did you consider to use a RGB LEDs / Neopixels for the board? see: Large Display for Game Board. --- You would have to used strings higher pixel density (this is 30 /m, but there exist 60 /m and even 144 /m). And as you can see in the code, they are driven by the Espriuno Graphics object... which you already know how to code - write strings, draw lines and shapes, etc.

  • For the big board, I'll use the WS2811 leds (Neopixel)
    I've made holes is a carton box and put the leds in there. :)
    This was more easy to develop the code. I'll test the brightness soon.
    The board must be visible during summer days as well ;)


  • Nice! I think if you use black background, that increases the contrast in bright daylight.
    Don't know how the wiring looks now, but if it's one strip, injecting power from multiple points can increase the light output.

  • Mon 2019.08.12

    Hey @PeterD, you never cease to surprise us! Another two days and a rough finished proof of concept done towards your project goal.

    Curious, did you retain a continuous strip of the WS2811 or are they individual bulbs? Wondered if you are using small 8 element arrays for the individual seqments, and just chaining them together in memory to form the digit? Would you mind sharing some code tid-bits?

    Any chance for an image of the back side to show Neopixels and board interface wiring?

    The video demos your ideas. It will be cool to see in use!! Your fans will luv ya!


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