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  • Thr 2018.11.29

    While I could see a use with simple file saves, serialization, and de-serialization to read, won't this just add to the library bloat where just using the existing JSON and base64 encoding would basically do (single string file write) the same thing?

    Should memory allow, and if there were a browser choice usage direction, without X-Path (attributes), it hardly seems worth the development effort. (As a user, if I saw a basic implementation, I'd wonder and want it to do more - human nature - the intent of offering a simple variation could backfire)

    That said, it would be a cool feature to have as an additional interesting feature in the arsenal of what Espruino can do, but as @opichals indicates could easily become a challenge (lack of memory) on complex Xml nodes.

    My 0.02 worth . . . .


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