• if I store an AES encrypted WiFi SSID and password via the Storage module, will it be able to read/use it?

    No, not without the key - that's kind of the point :)

    You could encrypt it using the device's serial number, but then someone could just read that off the flash memory if they have access to it as well.

    You can definitely make things hard for people, but I think at some point you have to say that if someone has full hardware access to your system and can take it apart and inspect it while it's running, it's not going to be 100% secure (that's not Espruino-specific, it applies to pretty much any embedded electronics).

  • Yeah, I understand. I don't expect anyone to go as far as taking the device apart or anything hardcore. (If they're that dedicated in getting data off of the device, they deserve to know lol)

    I'm more or less just trying to prevent other people from easily accessing it, specifically plugging the Espruino WiFi into their computer and getting access to the SSID and password with Storage.read. If E.setPassword can do that, then it's all I need, for now at least.

    Thanks, @Gordon!


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