• You shouldn't really use just clearInterval/clearTimeout...

    @Gordon, I guess you wanted to say ...without arguments.

    And even on initialization it could interfere with something that should survive an onInit(), such as permanently saved code, for - for example - support of update over the air.

    Therefore, best practices are:

    • 'do not' set intervals or timeouts on upload time
    • 'always' have an onInit() {... (or E.on("init", function(){...) that intentionally starts your code... including all timeouts and intervals
    • when saving code, save it 'always before running it' (before invoking init())

    Code in level 0 (or root level) is executed by Espruino at upload time (see Simple explanation how to save code that Espruino runs on start?).

    Even if the intervals or timeouts are embedded a function but that function is - directly or indirectly - called in level 0 (after its definition), those intervals and timeouts get set on upload. Unpredictable behavior and weird side effects are usually the result when saving code that has already began running.


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