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    Thanks for the answer. Actually it works now without changing anything on the hardware side. Probably there got something mixed up with some old code in the Espruino or while updating the two boards in parallel.

    Maybe there should be an option in the Web IDE to clean any Javascript code in the Espruino before uploading the new Javascript.

    I'm not really sure what's the easiest way to get a definitely clean Espruino? I did reset(); save(); to have a clean Espruino. And then every time before uploading something important I disconnect the power to be sure to start from zero.

    Small side question: Is there a rough estimation when module support works without having an sdcard? I've written a small lib for controlling DMX devices and I dislike to have two versions, one for copy&paste and one as module. Additionally I can't test the latter because I don't have a board with sdcard until I get the Espruinos from the campaign.

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    I'm trying to get the NRF24L01 example working with two STM32F4DISCOVERY boards. The setup is fairly simple: Two STM32F4DISCOVERY each with one NRF24L01 module connected to SPI1 (A5-A7, C4, C5). One as slave, one as master.

    As I don't think that I'm the first one who tries to get it running on the STM32F4DISCOVERY I think there is a problem on my side but I double checked the setup and I don't know where my mistake is.

    First question: What about case sensitivity? But I think that doesn't affect my problem as there is no difference.
    On line 8 of the driver:
    this.SPI.setup({sck:SCK, miso:MISO, mosi:MOSI});
    Shouldn't it be:
    this.SPI.setup({sck:sck, miso:miso, mosi:mosi});

    Question two:
    Is there a wiring diagram? Or to be more precise which is correct:
    MOSI->MOSI; MISO->MISO (straight)
    MOSI->MISO; MISO->MOSI (crossed)

    I'm still trying to get it working but any hints would be nice...