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    Hi, so I’ve managed to get into some bother while playing around with the Web IDE (MacOS Chrome).

    I was trying to get around the limitation of being unable to connect the Bangle to iPhone and my computer at the same time… I thought that uploading to Flash (not too familiar with what that means) might allow me to reconnect the Bangle to iPhone.

    I lost the ability to exit that app, so did a 6 second reset. But then it didn’t go past this screen:

    After this I tried to reinstall the Firmware (I tried several versions; all for Bangle.js 2) from the Web IDE… But the IDE just throws up this error:  Error: The state of the DFU process does not allow this operation

    I followed all the steps about holding while this ran ====, which brings up the screen with the ‘DFV Start’ text, and selected DfuTarg when selecting which device to pair.

    Now I get this screen and not the previous screen from the previous screenshot:

    I was wondering what my next steps are?
    Is there another way to reset, would that involve a wired connection…? I have access to a MacBook, an iPhone, and I could borrow a Chromebook or Android phone temporarily.

    Edit: Not sure why screenshots aren't showing but here's the links:

    Update: Fixed. I was able to borrow a Chromebook and reinstalled the firmware that way (I'd advise others not to use newer Macbooks to flash firmware).

    Feel free to delete this thread if not helpful to others.