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    Thanks for all the answers, I didn't have time to post here but did some bluetoothing around. I maintain that BT under linux is a pain and it shouldn't. However, here is what I found out so far:

    1. My initial observation was from ubuntu studio 21.10. After @Fteacher mentioned LinuxMint I remembered that I still had a Mint partition. So I booted into it and it worked with internal BT once. Then it didn't. Put it in the dongle and got it to work. Now, after a week, it works on the internal. I don't know what's going on. But it works.

    2. rfkill shuts down all BT. At least on a superficial level. Somehow with bluetoothctl one power one off, still connect with the other one but the GUIIs will not see any BT.

    This is all confusing but at least right now it is working for me.

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    Yeah, I can kind of confirm that. Although after activating the heart monitor in circle clock it was wrong even through the webIDE. I'll dig deeper.

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    Hi, I'm Niko and I'm using Linux. Hello Niko.
    Anybody else? I can't anymore, I'm desperate, I need help!

    A week ago or so, I got the banglejs2, turned it on, used chromium to connect and it worked out of the box. You can't imagine the happiness.

    Next day: no way! Bluetooth connects to the watch but chromium: bright orange "Device connection failed". After uncountable approaches, changes in settings, and internet searches I give up and order a dongle. The good stuff, a "CSR"-one!

    Plugged it in, didn't really know how to tell chromium which adapter to use but after a while (and a reboot) it worked. Happiness came back. Couple of days go by without major problems.

    Today I plug the dongle out and later plug it back in. Oh dear! No way I can make chromium scan BT with the dongle. Always internal, always the bright orange needle in the heart. What can I do? Any ideas.

    Why is BT on Linux such a pain in the butt? Who is to blame? I want to blame someone.

    Thanks for coming to my rant.

    By the way: bangle 2v12, Bluez 5.60, kernel 5.13

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    Today I left the watch on my wrist overnight and the gadgetbridge recorded just below 60 more or less the whole night. So it might be more a problem of my bones preventing proper contact. I'll keep watching it.

    I am on 2v12.

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    Hi. I got my banglejs 2 about a week ago. The measured heart rate seems to be very low, approximately 75% of what I measure fingers on pulse. And this is pretty consistent, at rest the watch measures way below 50, when exercising not above 80. I fiddled with the settings also in different apps, pushed the watch on the skin but it's rarely showing the correct rate.

    Does anyone have a similar experience? Any ideas what to try out?