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    The previous time I had a problem was when I tried to update some apps, and the firmware. I'm not sure I did a reset after updating the firmware that time, but it was about a week when it failed for the third time, and I posted here.
    I'll look at doing a full factory reset as now today, bluetooth seems to no longer be connecting, even after rebooting watch and Pixel 5 phone.
    I've been using LCARS as the watchface, and for other apps, Android app, plus the Weather one to get the weather from GadgetBridge.

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    For the last about 3 weeks, I've been having the watch stop working correctly, not displaying parts of the clock, or today not receiving notifications. Each time this has happened, I've tried to reboot the watch and every time I get a notification that Storage has been corrupted, and it resets storage, causing me to have to reinstall the few apps I had installed. I am running the current latest firmware 2v12.

    Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening? It's pretty much to the point that I can't trust the watch to get notifications, so I'll need to retire it. :(