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    finding the satellites should be a lot quicker the next time you restart it.

    Inside, it will pick up fewer satellites, if any, because the radio signal is very weak, so it will get blocked easily. That will reduce its accuracy considerably.

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    Hmm. I think I've got somewhere.

    I did a 'Reset Settings' in the settings. Made no difference. The HID service still showed (no access) and the Web IDE etc failed.

    But then I did a 'reboot without loading any software', and, now, the Bluetooth LE Explorer doesn't show the HID service at all.

    AND, now, the Web IDE and app loader work fine... Including showing the correct debug output in the JS console.

    I did try doing the 'Rebooting without loading any software' previously, and that made no difference. Apparently resetting the settings first made a difference.

    Now, I can reboot it normally (loading all the default apps) and it still works fine.

    So, that's a result, but very odd. The settings were all what I thought they should be, and look to be the same now. Maybe there are some hidden settings which were wrong, which were fixed by the 'reset settings' and then a reboot.

    Not knowing the details of how things work, my guess is it may be that the unavailable HID service was upsetting the Windows Chrome Web BT, but the Android Chrome didn't care (your Android phone doesn't support a mouse, for instance), so didn't get upset by it. So, that's why Android worked, but Windows didn't.

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    Gordon mentioned in post #28 about turning off HID in the Bangle. Can we confirm?
    ref AccessDenied error within characteristic

    I've tried it with HID turned on and off in the Bangle. Both are the same in the Web IDE (and both give the 'Access Denied' for the HID service in the Bluetooth LE Explorer)

    Oddly you don't have the HID service in yours at all. Maybe the 'access denied' in mine is what's upsetting the Web IDE?

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    note that I tried for ten minutes to get that BLE tool to 'Refresh' or 'Pair' with my Bangle, with no success

    The UI is a bit confusing.

    Ignore the 'Pair' button. Click the square with the tablet/phone screen in it. Took me a few random clicks to find it :-) That square is a button, even though it doesn't look like it

    Note that (I think) you have to pair the Bangle with Windows first, using the standard Windows Bluetooth UI

    also note that the first .png in post #30 now is visible along with the additional image that was uploaded as an edit to that post

    Yeah, I was trying random things - they were all showing for me, but not, apparently, for you, so I didn't know what, if anything, would work ;-)

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    'enumerate services' we should compare.

    Can you not see the image I uploaded under "seems to be able to enumerate services:"? It looks fine to me

    Try this link instead?


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    Hmm. OK, so I found a Windows App called Bluetooth LE Explorer in the App Store.

    If I pair the Bangle to my Windows, and use Bluetooth LE Explorer to connect to the Bangle, everything looks fine (as far as I can tell), and it seems to be able to enumerate services:

    So, given that that's with the same laptop, same Windows, same Bangle, same Bluetooth adapter, that would tend to suggest that Chrome (or the Javascript) is the problem factor here.

    I don't suppose anyone for whom the web IDE works fine could see if Bluetooth LE Explorer gives the same services for their Bangle?

    Eg, I don't know if the 'AccessDenied' error for the HID service is relevant or not

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    This might be a long shot, but have you tried a different OS?

    Not yet, but I may give that a go if I get time (I'm meant to be working ;-) )

    What windows version do you have?

    Windows 10, version 1909 64bit

    Could you try unpairing and disabling
    Bluetooth on OS level?

    I'm unpaired from the Bangle. I'm not sure about disabling Bluetooth in Windows - won't that stop Web Bluetooth from working as well?

    Long shot, but do you have any program, that might interfere? Anything that might use Bluetooth, or even serial (might force itself on Bluetooth devices to look for characteristics it want to use)

    I have lots of programs, but I don't know of any that would interfere. I haven't got any specifically-Bluetooth programs running. The thing is that it does seem to be limited to interactions between my PC and the Bangle. Other Bluetooth devices work fine (at least as far as enumerating services using chrome://bluetooth-internals goes)

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    Just as a check, in windows's "Bluetooth & other devices" settings, if you try the "Add Bluetooth or other device", do you see your Bangle?

    Yes. That can see it and pair to it. Web Bluetooth can see it and 'connect', but not get a list of services from it.

    My Android phone (Galaxy S8) can see it, connect, and get a list of services from it.

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    Maybe you can give this a try: https://www.nordicsemi.com/Software-and-­tools/Development-Tools/nRF-Connect-for-­desktop

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get that to do anything at all. it came up with an error straight away. I couldn't even get it to scan for devices.

    I'm going to see if I can pinch a child's laptop and try from that...

    OK. So I nabbed my daughter's laptop (with an Intel Wireless-AC 7265 adapter- which supports Bluetooth v4.2). That had exactly the same problem as mine with the Bangle. (Windows 10, latest Chrome)

    So, to me, that suggests that either there's a weird problem with my Bangle which lets it still work with an Android, or there's an incompatibility between Intel Bluetooth adapters and the Bangle. I'm guessing that if it was the latter, then there'd be a lot more reports of problems.