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    I have now flattened the battery to the point it turned off and wouldn't turn back on. I then recharged it. No apparent change.

    Does D36.read() return true even when the touchscreen has stopped responding and the screen is definitely unlocked? That's the important one really.

    Not sure how to check "definitely unlocked". It shouldn't be locked (it hasn't had enough time to timeout), and yet whenever I run setLocked(0) the touch begins responding again (and D36.read() returns true in any case).

    It's almost as if it's locking too soon, or not in response to being touched (I would expect that touching would reset the lock delay, but perhaps it is not?).

    Or maybe unlocking it is clearing something and allowing the events to restart.

    Are there next steps I can take?

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    D36.read() returns true 99% of the time (I got one single time when it returned false)

    setLocked(1);setLocked(0); re-enables the streaming of touch events. I also tried just setting setLocked(0) on it's own which had the same effect.

    At one point I received a lot of these errors:
    Uncaught Error: I2C Error: Arbitration (start)

    Should I try flattening the battery? Is there a way to speed up the process on that?! 🙂

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    Thank you Gordon for that little test code (and for ensuring I was unlocking).

    The results are very curious, and I would value your thoughts.

    Immediately after I run this code the screen shows the Bangle logo and version info.

    For about 1-2 seconds I can then drag on the screen - either continuously or multiple times - and a long stream of events shows.

    This then stops, and I can't get the stream to restart.

    If I then wait until the light goes out, press the button, and start dragging the stream can restart, but only for a short time (1 sec max?) - although the precise time appears to vary.

    I can continue this cycle of [stream, wait until light goes out, press button, stream for a short while] for a number of times, until eventually it stops streaming even after pressing the button.

    At this point I find that if I repeat the Bangle.on command, this reenables the short streaming/light out/button cycle.

    So in summary, I appear to be seeing in software what I am experiencing when using the Bangle generally, that is - shortly after dragging/tapping etc. the facility stops working, and restarts only for very short periods of time.

    Does this illuminate the problem any further?

    Many thanks,

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    Whenever I use a touch on the screen for the first time after a reset it works (i.e. drags, clicks etc.), but from then on it will not respond to any touch until I reset the device.

    So it feels like not a hardware issue per se, but something is getting latched.

    Has anyone seen this issue - or do is my Bangle broken? :(

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    Me too :-(
    No need for a refund. @Gordon - your time is best spent elsewhere, continuing to do great work on this fantastic project!