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    My problem was i had to use:
    --flash_mode dio instead of qio

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    @MaBe, Hi.

    here is the command:

    python esptool.py --port /dev/tty.SLAB_USBtoUART --baud 115200 write_flash --flash_freq 80m --flash_mode qio --flash_size 4MB 0x0000 "boot_v1.6.bin" 0x1000 espruino_esp8266_user1.bin 0x3FC000 esp_init_data_default.bin 0x3FE000 blank.bin

    here is ht result:

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    Baud rate is 115200. Flashed with 115200 and ide is set to 115200.
    Tried on different pc with windows, there are no characters, but no espruino logo and default text, and I am not able to type anything in console.

    Tried around 5 cables and 3 nodemcu boards.
    After flashing, there are no errors in console. Everything as expected.

    Before flashing I erase flash.
    Press rst while holding flash.
    Then hold flash while connecting usb.

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    Hi, not sure whether its related. I was running espruino on my nodemcu for several months with no issues. Several days ago i tried to updated the code. And got this:

    I use mac, SiLabsUSBDriverDisk driver.
    Tried different cables, different devices, updated drivers.
    Sometimes after flashing I see this weird characters, sometimes nothing, Espruino text wont appear.
    Any Ideas what might be an issue please ?

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    From espruino htttp reference:

    var options = {
        host: 'example.com', // host name
        port: 80,            // (optional) port, defaults to 80
        path: '/',           // path sent to server
        method: 'GET',       // HTTP command sent to server (must be uppercase 'GET', 'POST', etc)
        headers: { key : value, key : value } // (optional) HTTP headers
    require("http").request(options, function(res) {

    But where do I attach some JSON data (body/payload) to the POST request ?