Basic question about Espruino pins

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  • Hi, sorry if this is really basic. I'm new to microcontrollers in general.

    I noticed that in connecting Espruino with different peripherals, most (all?) require a ground/vbat pin pair. On Espruino, the very two last pins on either side are labelled GND and BAT.

    My problem is that I have used both of these pairs already and want a 3rd pair to use. Are all the pins in the last "row" (i.e. all the pins that are along the side furthest from the USB interface) also GND? Similarly for BAT? How should I best proceed if I want a 3rd set of GND/BAT?


  • The pins at the far end are not connected - they are just for attaching connectors to. Have a look at the pictures on

    There are two more of gnd, bat and 3.3v right by the button at the end of the board. They should be labeled but it's a bit hard to see :)

  • That gets you another two sets unless I'm mistaken? There are two sets of gnd/vbat/3.3 there, at least in the pictures.

    Even so, it's very easy to run out of gnd/vbat/3.3 pins, but you can just cut up dupont line to make splitters, or use screw terminals, or a breadboard (I never liked these, I found them unreliable, but some people like them), etc.

  • Yes - and the strip of 2x pins down the far end aren't used for anything (each pair is shorted) so you could easily wire on the back of the board to get a few more pins.

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Basic question about Espruino pins

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