Wiznet Options and Special Build

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  • Gordon

    1. On http://www.espruino.com/WIZnet the link to the git builds doesn't work, sorry

    2. Is there any particular reason for the choice of the WIZ550io module? Just wondering
      if http://www.shopwiznet.com/wiz820io might work as it's smaller. It's an older chip, but maybe the API is the same? (I'll check if you don't immediately know)



  • Thanks. I'll update the link. For now it is http://www.espruino.com/binaries/git/com­mit_date/ - just choose the latest.

    I think the w550io is one of the latest ones - but yes the API is similar so you might be able to compile with others. Hopefully at some point we will get them all in one binary.

  • I have two of the WIZ820io modules, but I am a total noob when it comes to the Espruino. How would I go about adding support for the WIZ820io module? I.e which files would need to be touched?
    Thanks for any pointers!

  • Hi Mike,

    I'd look in:

    You'll need to download Wiznet's drivers for their site, and put the W5200 folder in there beside the W5500 folder.

    Then just change the definitions at the top of this file:


    And hopefully it will work... maybe :)

  • Hi!

    I would also like to get something more common. Getting the Wiz550io is like $17 for the module itself and $40 for shipping. eBay is full of W5100 Arduino shields under $10 (free international shipping).

    Do you think the w5100 would work with some of the tweaking mentioned above? Or is there any fundamental problem? From what I can see is that the w5500 has double the internal buffer and number of channels. Something I could live with wrt features.

    Any hints welcome!

  • It's definitely worth a try. I know that in wizchip_conf.h there's a line:

      define _WIZCHIP_                      5500   // 5100, 5200, 5500

    So my guess is you may just need to grab the files for the 5100, add them to the Makefile , and then change that line. It may end up being quite easy!

  • Getting the Wiz550io is like $17 for the module itself and $40 for shipping.

    Not any more! It looks like a civilized vendor is selling them now! $3.50 shipping in the states... Still $18 for the module, but $22 vs $10 is a very different calculus than $57 vs $10.


  • Thanks for the update! I'll update the documentation on WIZnet with that...

  • Well, not for Europe I am affraid ;(

    United States Postal Service Priority Mail Express International $46.00 - $58.00

    The W5100's would ship free anywhere on the globe. $10 vs $20 is still very significant when you want to build a network of devices :)

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Wiznet Options and Special Build

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