problem with DS18B20

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  • Awesome, great news! I'm going to try and fix the CC3000 HTTP server and then I'll do another proper release.

    Looks like the low speed oscillator takes a while to start up (on some boards) and that caused the problem...

  • Just installed new version 1v47 and it works.

    There is still one question, A1 is not serial port as far as I understand.
    It works, but why/how ?
    Are there any other pins which can be used for more functions than documented in the reference ?

  • That is because, software that are doing the job, so any pin can be used to DS18B20.

  • Yes, OneWire is handled in software, so any pin can do it. At the moment that's it (apart from digitalPulse()), but I might add software SPI at some point in the future (As the STM32F1 doesn't do 9 bit SPI, which is used all over the place - for example in some displays as a way to avoid having to wire up the 'DC' wire).

  • Sorry to revive this. I've been getting the "null" response today. I'm fairly sure I have them connected correctly, whilst I'm new to electronics it doesn't appear to be that hard.

    Would anyone know if this works ok in V1.69 of the firmware. Picture of my setup in case I'm doing anything obviously wrong. I'm using A1. The two additional wires near A1 are power for a CC3000 which is just out of shot.

    Edit: I flashed some of the older firmware that people had this working with, still no work so it's likely me, but how/why I don't know.

    Edit: I have the wrong resistor. Ignore me :(

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problem with DS18B20

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