Battery only charging until 60 -70%

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  • I´m using the Kickstarter version of the Bangle 2. Since a few months I have problems to fully charge the Bangle 2 battery: The charging process stoped after an hour or so with the "fully charged" message and initially showed 80%. Over time the final charging percentage was decreasing and today it already stoped at 60% or so. Last time I had calibrated the percentage measurement, but without effect.
    What can I do else?
    Thanks, Peter

  • Hi - have you tried doing a backup, updating your firmware, and then doing a factory reset?

    It is possible that you've got something running in the background on your Bangle (GPS?) that's using a bunch of power, which might even be stopping the Bangle from fully charging...

  • Update: Later today I repeated the charging process, ignored both the „fully charged“ message and the beeps every few seconds, left the room. After an hour or two I came back and the battery was at 100% 😀
    Is there an option to switch off the beeps?
    I’m using the latest firmware. Should I make a factory reset anyway?
    Thanks, Peter

  • That's interesting - maybe someone else will correct me but I'm pretty sure the buzz should only happen when the charge cable is first connected - I've got Bangles I leave on charge all the time here and I don't hear them buzzing.

    So maybe the issue could be the USB charger that the charge cable is plugged into? The Bangle doesn't charge with a lot of power so maybe the charger gets confused and turns itself off/on thinking nothing is connected?

    Is there an option to switch off the beeps?

    There's no option but the buzz is built into the battery widget:­lob/master/apps/widbat/widget.js#L3

    So you can either uninstall the widget completely, or install one that has an option like widbatpc, or one that doesn't buzz at all like widbata or widbatc (I think)

  • I switched off the beep - thank you!

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Battery only charging until 60 -70%

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