• Hello,

    When receiving notifications with accented characters, the characters are broken in the preview of the message and in the message list.
    However, when tapping on the message, the characters are showing correctly.
    See attached screenshot.

    The test string sent with Gadgetbridge debug is "Test 🐸 àéèêùç".

    Is there a font I need to install to fix this?


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  • That's odd - while we have different fonts for different sizes generally the characters should all be the ISO8859 codepage so should display the same, but I just tested with:

    g.clear(1).getFonts().forEach((f,i) => {
      g.setFont(f).drawString(f+": àéèêùç ",0,i*20);

    and I see the attached, so it looks like the 6x15 font has an issue with à - but is there other corruption you see?

    If all software is up to date, you can install this font: https://banglejs.com/apps/?id=fontext

    and messages will then use only that font which should render anything. You'll need to update your Bangle.js build to a cutting edge release to allow it to render the font in different sizes though

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  • Looking at your screenshot, not only à, but èêùçtoo.

    I ran an extended version of your test:

    g.setFont("6x15").drawString("àâäéèêëîïô­öùûüÿçœæ\nÀÂÄÉÈÊËÎÏÔÖÙÛÜŸÇŒÆ ",0,0);

    (see attachment) and it looks like a bunch of characters from french are corrupted.

    Spanish ñ is broken, but portuguese õ and german ß are ok.

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  • Ok, I've just adjusted the font, so if you install the cutting edge Bangle.js build it should be fixed.

    Characters like Ÿ aren't in ISO8859-1 (that's char code 376, not 0..255) so you'll have to install the Font app I linked if you want those

  • Thanks @Gordon, just flashed the cutting edge build and almost everything is shown correctly, without the need to install the Fonts app.

    I hate to be a sticlker, but there is just one character that seems not correct: the lowercase ç. Its "tail" seems to be pointing right, instead of left.
    The uppercase ç is ok. See attachment

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  • Ok, I think that's fixed now - realistically the 6x15 font isn't that great anyway. The plan eventually is to try and replace them with the fonts from https://github.com/pebble-dev/renaissanc­e which at least all share the same style

  • Just flashed again, everything is good now!

    Thanks for your patience

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Problem with Android integration and accented characters

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