Open Street Maps Map upload issues

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  • I have been unable to properly upload maps from Open Street Maps on the Bangle.JS 2. It allows me to upload the area I want, but when it open it on the bangle it only seems to have uploaded a slice of the area I selected. It always seems to be the same area/shape on the uploaded map as well? As if that's the maximum area it can show.


    • uninstall/reinstall OSM from the bangle multiple times
    • reload/full reboot the bangle after it finishes uploading
    • remove old map and try again multiple times with different sizes and settings
    • let the bangle sit without opening OSM after it claims its finished uploading in case it's still uploading

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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  • Not yet, do you always select the same area or did you try different ones? Do you see any output in the console of when opening the osm app? Could you maybe attach the openstmap.*.img/json files from the watch? You can download the files in the ide or via backup.

  • This seems to work for me - but what's the firmware version of your watch? It might be worth updating if it's not 2v20 (the current version).

    Also, if you go to 'About' in the Bangle's settings, do you have enough free Storage space?

  • Thanks for the reply @Gordon! I did update to 2v20 when I was having issues connecting to gadgetbridge originally. It's had this same map behavior since I bought the device when I had to use a web browser to install applications before I could connect to gadgetbridge and upload from there. I've factory reset twice since then as well.

  • Thank you for the reply! It's never the exact same area and I've tried different size and had the 3bit checked or unchecked. I'll visit the ide and find out some more info in that env. I'll also attach the file as well. Thank you for the tips @user140377.

  • Thanks! If you're uploading via Gadgetbridge maybe you could try disconnecting and updating from a Web Browser?

    Sometimes the connection from the App Loader within Gadgetbridge isn't as stable for big files (like the map!) so I guess uploads from there could be causing you issues

  • Might be related: issue #3166

  • Yes! That sounds very very similar to my issue. I still have to do further troubleshooting to confirm though. Thank you for the reply!

  • That's probably it - sorry for the issues. I'll look into it today and try and get a fix in

  • Fixed now. cutting edge build, or 2v21 when released should fix it

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Open Street Maps Map upload issues

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