• hi,
    to join the promotion/discount kindly offered by @Gordon,
    i wrote up my project here https://hackaday.io/project/193044-micro­wave-time-convertor-for-banglejs-v2

    it is a good match.
    it's really not good to bring the "waterproof" android phone into the kitchen,
    and i am a bio lab professional, i have to wash the wrist and even up to the mid radius bone. So even for my cheaper foss watch now, i wear on it my chest.

    let's see how a layman with 0 knowledge could use gpt4 to help surive.

  • Thanks! That's really interesting - it would have been good to see the chat transcript and the code that ChatGPT actually provided though - like I have no idea what code it was that showed the module "graphics" error...

    I'll send you the £20 off voucher in a PM in a sec

  • ok, just got your email, thanks.

  • hi,
    I use chatgpt plus thru Chrome browser,
    there is a chrome plugin called "save chatgpt" which allow downloading the chats.

    I have saved that 3 days' chat and uploaded at the github,
    if you are interested, you could read the day-xxx.md files.
    They can be viewed inside github directly.
    e.g. https://github.com/ccchan234/bangle-js-m­w-timing/blob/main/day1.md

    Hope that later you will find it useful.

    Thank you.


  • That's great - thank you!

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[Done] Using bangle.js v2 + chargpt plus to solve a daily life problem -- microwave oven timing conversion

Posted by Avatar for ccchan @ccchan