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  • Hello, our team is currently working on a project wherein we connect our bangle.js to an application. We are using Flutter + Firebase. How do we send data from the watch to the application, specifically its heart rate.

  • Hi - you'll need to have a Bluetooth Low Energy connection to the Bangle. It seems there are a few libraries out there - this may help:­nergy-in-flutter

    Once you have that you have two options:

    • You can use the standard 'Nordic UART' protocol that bangle.js provides, like in­etooth-le - and then you have access to the REPL (basically the left-hand side of the IDE) so can just call print on the Bangle and receive the data back as text. Looks like there is already an example of this at­ive_ble_uart_example
    • Or you can use NRF.setServices/NRF.updateServices on the Bangle to make a service specifically for the data you want. There is even a standard one for heart rate, so you could implement that, and then you just need to request that service/characteristic from Flutter and you'll have the data 'right there'. There seems to a project here that uses the HRM characteristic might work if you stripped it down:­tooth

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