Puck rebooting in RF isolation environment

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  • Hi everyone, I have been using the Puck for a while now as part of my research and I have run into some very, very weird behavior recently. I am trying to do some tests where I put the Puck in an RF isolation box (Ramsey) so I can isolate the signals coming from it and for some reason it just refuses to work.

    If I load a program onto the Puck, it works completely fine until the second I close the lid on the RF box and then it appears to reboot continuously until I open the lid, then it happily goes back to running the program that was in flash memory.

    I have attached a video showing this happen. I loaded a program that just blinks the green LED when the button is pressed. The red light is, I believe the Puck rebooting? It keeps doing that indefinitely if I keep it in the box.

    Any ideas as to why this might be happening or what I could do to fix it?

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  • Figured it out. The gloves were actually shorting out the Puck. They are extremely conductive I guess. When I put it in the housing it worked fine.

  • :) Great! Glad it was something simple! it sounded like a particularly strange problem!

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Puck rebooting in RF isolation environment

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