White blot on screen

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  • Hi, this white blot appeared on my bangle2 (in the image, the white part inside the black painted area).

    Anyone has ideas what causes this? I tried rebooting to see if it fixes the issue, but it's still there.

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  • This is on turn off.

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  • Strange - I haven't seen anything like that before. Is it possible it could have got properly submerged?

  • No, some splashed water from washing hands, dishes, etc, at most.

  • If it's just that spot, it's not a big deal, my main concern is if it grows with time, that's the reason I want to know what could possibly cause this.

    You've gone the route of water, maybe humidity?

  • It's hard to know - it could just be a manufacturing defect in the screen. I've only really seen issues like that when an LCD is pressed from behind and the actual liquid crystal gets pushed out the way. However the screen itself has a metal cover over the inside so it's not like anything could be pressing against it from behind unless the LCD unit was just assembled wrong.

    If it gets any bigger let me know and I'll arrange a replacement.

  • Ok, thanks.

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White blot on screen

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