Debugging MQTT

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  • Hi, am struggling to get MQTT working on ESP8266.
    I have numerous actual Espruinos (eg Espruino Wifi), and this code runs fine:

    const mqtt = require("tinyMQTT").create('.... url of local hivemq server ...');
    mqtt.on('error', function(err){console.log(err)})
    mqtt.on('connected', function(){console.log('connected')})
    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    wifi.connect("...", {password:"...."}, function(){
      console.log("wifi connected");

    Am able to connect to the MQTT server fine with a real Espruino, but with ESP8266 I get nothing, not even an error.

    This happens with the official MQTT library and tinyMQTT - work fine on Espruino WiFi, fails on ESP8266.

    Question: how to debug this and figure out what's wrong?


  • I suggest to verify Wifi. Have a look at this snippet¬≠wifi

  • Question: how to debug this and figure out what's wrong?

    You can type mqtt in left side of the WebIDE to get details about the status.


    Sample output for not connected to the broker:

          svr: "",
          prt: 1883, ka: 60, usr: undefined, pwd: undefined, cn: 0,
          ri: 2000, wt: undefined,
          wp: ""
  • Readme for tinyMQTT has been update.

  • Running an Espruino with a ESP8266 connected for WiFi (Any Espruino and a UART connected ESP8266 for WiFi communication only, including an Espruino-Wifi) is different from actually running all on an ESP8266 or ESP32: for latter, the separation and store and forward type of communication / buffering is missing, and in case of the ESP8266, the processing resources become quickly an issue: JS (application) execution streaks can keep the single processor busy only for a limited time, after that, ESP8266 Wifi stack has to get the control otherwise it 'browns out'... restarts.

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Debugging MQTT

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