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  • Hi, am struggling to get MQTT working on ESP8266.
    I have numerous actual Espruinos (eg Espruino Wifi), and this code runs fine:

    const mqtt = require("tinyMQTT").create('.... url of local hivemq server ...');
    mqtt.on('error', function(err){console.log(err)})
    mqtt.on('connected', function(){console.log('connected')})
    var wifi = require("Wifi");
    wifi.connect("...", {password:"...."}, function(){
      console.log("wifi connected");

    Am able to connect to the MQTT server fine with a real Espruino, but with ESP8266 I get nothing, not even an error.

    This happens with the official MQTT library and tinyMQTT - work fine on Espruino WiFi, fails on ESP8266.

    Question: how to debug this and figure out what's wrong?



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