Espruino based Wearable display

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  • I've been working on a Custom Wearable display called Project GLASSES, currently with an ESP32 devkit for testing, but my plan is to use an mdbt42Q in the end, and make an app system like for BangleJs for it and integrate it with the BangleJs as an input device for it. I'm posting project logs for it on the page

  • Sun 2021.04.18

    Now that is cool!!

    @OmegaRogue you'll have the foundation to get we tinker'ers to solve the issues that Google Glass could not!­tions-that-led-to-failures-of-google-gla­ss-8b40a07cfa1e

    How long to the Kickstarter kick-off? . . .    Glasspruino ;-)

    Curious, how is data to projection done? Bitmapping a graphics array to the proprietary projection unit via I2C / USB or something of the sort?

    Found this one much larger though, RGB LED Pico Projector using HDMI as input­duct_datasheet/view/key/m1-mini-plus.htm­l

  • despite the name, my project is only marginally related to Google Glass, I'm making a wearable display from scratch with currently an 128x64 monochrome OLED display

  • and when it gets released and if I can somehow get access to it, I'll use bosch smartglasses lightdrive, though I don't know if that is going to be available for individuals in small amounts

  • Wow, that's great! So it's just an OLED display?

    I was wondering why you had that UI library for Bangle.js ;)

    Just a thought, but did you know @fanoush has done a port of Espruino to the DS-D6 (and a bunch of other stuff too):

    I'm not sure if it's the same display or not but potentially you could use something like that - it's got the battery/charger/etc and is pretty integrated so might allow you to get things a bit more compact.

    Or... not sure if you spotted­360918/ but you can run Espruino on the MDBT42V (which is insanely small). I'm in the process of getting some of those pre-flashed to stock in the shop.

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Espruino based Wearable display

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