SMA Q3 Smartwatch

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  • the Q3 will be Bangle V2?

    That's the plan! It's tricky as I don't want to get stuck with a lot of Bangle.js v1, but I think we're getting to the point now where it's ok.

    There's still a lot of work to ensure that the apps are compatible though

  • I think you can market them as addressing (somewhat) different needs/desires. B1: bright, full colour high res screen in a tough exterior. B2: slim, newer proc, more sensors, daylight readable. Then offer a deal if you buy both ;-)

  • Are you still planning to sell the Q3s, or did I miss them?

    Not worried about espruino being fully tuned for it so long as it works as a basic watch and updates can be easily applied...

  • Ahh, hadn't seen that! Fantastic news.

  • We are, yes! Things just got a little delayed, but I have about 90 in stock and I'm about ready to put them online. I keep delaying it because I want to keep sorting out more little niggles in the software but I guess a lot of folks wouldn't mind having something that's pretty pre-release?

    Another 2900 have been ordered already so I'm definitely going to release them! I'm pretty sure I'll try and crowdfund the proper version, which will give a bit more time to get the code sorted

  • I keep delaying it because I want to keep sorting out more little niggles in the software

    Ha, I totally understand that one. Yep, I know I'm certainly happy to buy one from the batch of "These are somewhere between not-quite-right and totally-not-right" devices!

  • I'm ready to buy if you're ready to put them up for sale! Niggles or no...

  • Sorry for the delay - there are too many Bangle.js posts and I forgot to update this one as well :)

  • Already ordered here! Very excited...

  • Great, thanks!

  • Dammit! It's arrived, and I've got to do work today, and all I want to do is play with my new toy... :D

    Anyway, charges well, works well (though it has yet to find GPS, might need to expose it to some sunshine), found one of the niggles in the "beep" settings menu already, all good though.

    Did you want us to report niggles, and if so, where? Happy to put them in github issues with a specific label if you like?

  • Thanks! Yes, definitely reporting niggles would be great. Probably best right now to report them into­ssues and I added a tag 'Bangle2'.

    Yeah, the GPS takes a while to get going (more than the original Bangle I think), but there are some options for AGPS that should really speed up the time to fix, once they get implemented

  • @Gordon Received mine in Canada yesterday, thank you! Already playing around with watch faces, trying out some code i have for the DK08 face, and logging the niggles. Very nice work on this, many thanks to the whole team...

  • Great! Any suggestions or code you have would really be appreciated :)

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SMA Q3 Smartwatch

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