HD44780 LCD Display Timeout Error

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  • Thank you - I can't find any 'Vin' pin? I moved the I2C board 'VCC' orange wire from the Pico 3.3 to VBAT as in picture but that did not change the result - still display is lit but no text.
    Unfortunately I do not have an Arduiono to test on. I tried an original Espruino board and an ESP32 running Espruino but no luck there either..

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  • Can you turn down the backlight via the blue poti?

  • That was it! Turning the blue poti on the I2C board made the text appear :)

    So happy to have this working - many thanks to all for all your kind help!!

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  • Great! Good call @MaBe :) I'll add a 'troubleshooting' section to that page with this stuff in

  • Then I realized it was because I set the contrast too low.

    I had the same issue with mine when I was first testing it some time ago :D I woild agree that this is a common "gotcha" and should be in the troubleshooting section :P

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HD44780 LCD Display Timeout Error

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