WPA2-Enterprise Support?

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  • I would like to use the Espruino WiFi board for a control project where only WPA2-Enterprise is available.
    The documentation for "function WLAN.connect" only has the option for a pre-shared key.
    Did I miss something in the documentation?
    If it is not supported yet, are there any plans for the near future to support it?


  • Hi,

    I'm afraid Espruino doesn't support WPA2 Enterprise, and there aren't any plans to add it right now.

    WPA2 Enterprise support would be dependent on the ESP8266 WiFi module supporting it in AT-Command mode, and unfortunately even the newest firmwares available don't appear to support Enterprise mode so there's no way for me to add the functionality to Espruino.

    If at some point Espressif do add support into the ESP8266 AT Command firmware then it would be a reasonably trivial modification to Espruino though, which I'd definitely be interested in adding.

  • Gordon,

    Just an update on this. Esp8266 now supports WPA2-Enterprise and has an AT Command for it.

  • That's great - thanks! So once firmware is updated on the ESP8266, it should be pretty easy to use! I'm up for adding additions to the various EspruinoWifi/ESP8266 libraries to handle this, but I'll need some help testing as I don't have any WPA2 Enterprise networks here

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WPA2-Enterprise Support?

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