Pine-time watch dev kit

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  • I've just tried to build a minimal Espruino with only the BTN defined and used OpenOCD to flash to Pinetime. I'm not seeing anything in the Espruino web IDE. I did an nrf mass_erase to clear out Infinitime, then built both the bootloader (BOOTLOADER=1) and the board fw, programmed the bootloader (hex file) and board fw (first hex file, then bin file from zip). Am I missing a step?

  • what about the softdevice? What is the size of .hex file?

  • well, it builds full hex file automatically that should include softdevice+app+bootloader+bootloader settings with correct app checksum+uicr
    so flashing just that one should do it.

    just bootloader + app from bin or app hex file is not enough

    $ espruino_2v09.119_SMAB5.hex
    - file: 'espruino_2v09.119_SMAB5.hex'
      entry: 0x1000F539
      - { first: 0x00000000, last: 0x00000963, length: 0x00000964 }
      - { first: 0x00001000, last: 0x0001EBEF, length: 0x0001DBF0 }
      - { first: 0x0001F000, last: 0x00060313, length: 0x00041314 }
      - { first: 0x00078000, last: 0x0007B953, length: 0x00003954 }
      - { first: 0x0007E000, last: 0x0007E322, length: 0x00000323 }
      - { first: 0x0007F000, last: 0x0007F322, length: 0x00000323 }
      - { first: 0x10001014, last: 0x1000101B, length: 0x00000008 }
  • I am glad you guys are here to reality check me. I had built using DFU_UPDATE_BUILD=1 which yielded a much smaller hex (really app_hex) file. Removed that define... now have a real .hex file. Now Pinetime is visible... thank you!

  • I'm not an EE, so sorry for the newbie questions: but how do I set a pin high in a build? Looks like pinetime has a button enable pin to set so the button pin itself works. can I do that in the board file?

    Super newbie: is P0.01 map to D1 in Espruino? Are the pins mapped 1:1?


  • needed same thing for ID130 recently­ster/espruino/DFU/ID130Color see the jswrap stuff and board file, there is method marked init. it should probably go to libs but I put it right next to board file to boards/

    for setting pin high this is not best example, better see this­b/master/targets/nrf5x/jshardware.c#L688­

    yes they are 1:1

  • I'd post this in a new question, but can't seem to find the new post button ???

    Is there any way to set a pin high in the board definition file. The pinetime's main button (D13) will only work if D15 is pulled high. I can do this in code and it's fine, but I'd like it set up before we enter .boot code so it can trap button press early.

  • Is there any way to set a pin high in the board definition file

    not directly but I thought I already provided solution above when you asked for the first time :-)

    anyway, without any code you could also make D15 into fake LED or second button and set it as inverted as that could produce initial state being high

  • Mon 2021.09.13

    Hi @yngv126399

    I'd post this in a new question, but can't seem to find the new post button ???

    The easiest way is to find the hyperlinks at the top of this thread Home >> Other Boards >> Porting to new Devices and Right-Click on the desired destination, Open in new tab most likely in this case the same Porting to new Devices topic.

    On the top Right hand side of the resulting page is the 'Post a Conversation' button.

  • @fanoush Ha, ha.. I was wondering if it could be done by the board file alone.. and now you've answered that! Going to try that, thanks.

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Pine-time watch dev kit

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