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  • well, it builds full hex file automatically that should include softdevice+app+bootloader+bootloader settings with correct app checksum+uicr
    so flashing just that one should do it.

    just bootloader + app from bin or app hex file is not enough

    $ espruino_2v09.119_SMAB5.hex
    - file: 'espruino_2v09.119_SMAB5.hex'
      entry: 0x1000F539
      - { first: 0x00000000, last: 0x00000963, length: 0x00000964 }
      - { first: 0x00001000, last: 0x0001EBEF, length: 0x0001DBF0 }
      - { first: 0x0001F000, last: 0x00060313, length: 0x00041314 }
      - { first: 0x00078000, last: 0x0007B953, length: 0x00003954 }
      - { first: 0x0007E000, last: 0x0007E322, length: 0x00000323 }
      - { first: 0x0007F000, last: 0x0007F322, length: 0x00000323 }
      - { first: 0x10001014, last: 0x1000101B, length: 0x00000008 }

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