mbed TLS version ?

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  • Looks like Espruino uses mbed TLS 2.1.1
    And Espressif uses mbed TLS 2.9.0 for ESP32

    Is there an easy way to handle this ?

  • We could try and update the mbed TLS version that's in Espruino? I doubt it would be too painful...

  • @JumJum

    What are we using in the ESP-idf that uses the mBed tls?

  • @jumjum
    I guess what I'm asking is do you need to include the TLS library from ESP-idf?

  • I think updating the version in Espruino would be a good idea, as there have been a bunch of bugfixes since then including a bunch of security fixes....

  • @Wilberforce
    I did not check usage in ESP-IDF, but without TLS, compilation is not running.
    There are some error messages pointing to this.
    I've in mind that ESP32 supports some crypto in HW, but cannot find the source anymore.
    A question could go the other direction, do we need TLS in Espruino for ESP32 ?
    I think, in a next step, I will try to update TLS in Espruino.

  • I started an issue here for it with a few discussion points


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mbed TLS version ?

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