How to recalibrate/reset Magnetometer?

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  • I noticed that if the Puck is started next to a magnet, the magnetometer values are "off". If I push my program back down to the Puck (after moving it away from the magnetic source, the magnetometer goes back to "normal". How, in code, do I force a reset/recalibration of the magnetometer - basically simulated the restarting of the unit?


  • Hi - it depends on the code you're using. For example in­ht we have:

    var zero = Puck.mag();
    var doorOpen = false;
    function onMag(p) {
      p.x -= zero.x;
      p.y -= zero.y;
      p.z -= zero.z;
      var s = Math.sqrt(p.x*p.x + p.y*p.y + p.z*p.z);
      var open = s<1000;
      if (open!=doorOpen) {
        doorOpen = open;
        digitalPulse(open ? LED1 : LED2, 1,1000);
    Puck.on('mag', onMag);

    The magic bit there is zero = Puck.mag();. Just call var zero = Puck.mag(); again and it'll reset the zero value to the current magnetometer reading.

  • I noticed when testing similar code that the first reading after offsetting with zero = Puck.mag(); gives x, y and z values close to zero, as you'd expect, but second and subsequent jump to values that vary (+/-) quite a bit from zero, and actually found it better to do use a later reading as a zero/offset, making a couple of calibration passes as below

    var offset = {x:0, y:0, z:0};
    var calPass = 2;
    function readMag(mag){
      if (calPass > 0) {
        // calibration pass
        offset.x = mag.x;
        offset.y = mag.y;
        offset.z = mag.z;
      } else { 
        // provide reading
        mag.x -= offset.x;
        mag.y -= offset.y;
        mag.z -= offset.z;
    Puck.on('mag', readMag);

    I doubt it matters much, as slight changes in orientation of Puck still move values considerably, regardless, but it seems the Puck.mag() reading doesn't quite do the zeroing/reset I expected.

  • Odd - thanks for letting me know. I guess this is potentially something that might make sense to add to the firmware, where it could take multiple readings.

    Just FYI there's a vector maths class that can make these calculations a bit tidier - especially if you maybe wanted to average a few readings :

  • Hi - I can't seem to get the Vec3 module to load.

    require("­s/Vec3.js"); //no errors
    var strength = new Vec3(xyz).sub(zero).mag();  //throws uncaught referenceerror about Vec not being defined.

    Not sure what is up...


  • var Vec3 = require("­s/Vec3.js");

    should work

  • You list

    require("­s/Vec3.js"); //no errors

    Try dropping the .js

    require("­s/Vec3"); //no errors
  • Why not use
    var vec3 = require("Vec3"); //no errors

    var vec3 = require("Vec3"); //no errors
     1v96 (c) 2017 G.Williams
    >function (a,b,c) {"object"==typeof a?this.set(a.x,a.y,a.z):"number"==typeof­ a?this.set(a,b,c):this.set(0,0,0)}
  • Frida, ClearMemory041063 and Ollie,

    Will give these ideas a try... I think I tried ClearMemory041063's suggestion of dropping the ".js" with the same result, but will try tomorrow - left my puck at work by accident :(.



  • To best of my knowledge dropping the extension only applies where loading the module by name only (letting the IDE find it), for an absolute path to a module (on or otherwise) you need the whole path to the file including extension.
    You're probably using IDE so Frida's example best, but assigning to Vec3 rather than vec3 is compatible with your code. It's worth pointing that out or you'll get the same error but for a different reason.

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How to recalibrate/reset Magnetometer?

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