Espruino WiFi improvements

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  • I've just updated the Espruino WiFi JavaScript files. Assuming you're using firmware 1v95 or later, you'll now have:

    • Flow control on WiFi receive - meaning no more FIFO_FULL errors if your JS code takes a long time to execute
    • Significantly less CPU load when receiving data over WiFi
    • Calling wifi.turbo(true, callback) will increase the transmission speed with the WiFi module by a factor of 8!
    • UDP transmit and receive
    • support
    • wifi.setHostname for setting the DNS name of wifi
    • wifi.setIP/setAPIP and getAPIP added for controlling static IPs and DNS

  • Thanks Gordon.
    Where can i find the docs or expamples for using UDP trans and recv ?

  • Until the docs themselves get published, you could use the test code as a reference:­b/master/tests/test_dgram_socket.js

    It's meant to act just like the node.js version so there should be a few examples on the net was well.

  • Sorry asking here. Just got my Pixl.js. Wondering, which additional part I need to buy to enable wifi. APIs in my Pixl.js? If there is one...

  • Hi - probably the easiest solution is to get one of these:

    For some reason the board itself doesn't seem to work properly as it comes so you either need to use some jumper leads or do some soldering (it's documented on that page).

    However all you actually need is an ESP8266 with a voltage regulator, then it's just 4 wires. The only gotcha is a lot of the ESP8266 boards you buy now have USB - and that uses the two serial wires that you need :)

  • Thank you

  • Hello dear Gordon! Is it possible to release a firmware option for quartz at 25 MHz? And if possible, where can I download it?

  • I'm not sure I understand. You mean for Espruino WiFi?

    Have you changed the oscillator for some reason, or you made your own board with a different oscillator on it?

  • I am engaged in charity training for children in programming and sponsors presented us with boards on the same chip as in Espruino WiFi, the only difference is that there is a 25 MHz quartz and no WiFi module. That's why dear Gordon, I asked you this question: is it possible to run Espruino on these boards?

  • Well, yes it is possible - but you'd have to build it yourself using the instructions at

    It should be pretty easy to change­b/master/targetlibs/stm32f4/lib/system_s­tm32f4xx.c#L254 - or you could just change the crystals?

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Espruino WiFi improvements

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