transform a ArrayBuffer to an array

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  • Hello,

    i'm trying to work with arrayBuffer but i'm bad...
    I'm using exemple in the graphics library at Internal Use

    var g = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(5,7,1, {zigzag:true});
    Graphics.prototype.print = function() {
      for (var y=0;y<this.getHeight();y++)
        console.log(new Uint8Array(this.buffer,this.getWidth()*y­,this.getWidth()));

    when i use the g.print()it does not produce an array of 0 and 1...
    but that...

    new Uint8Array([112, 240, 199, 7, 4])
    new Uint8Array(5)
    new Uint8Array(5)
    new Uint8Array(5)
    new Uint8Array(5)
    new Uint8Array(5)
    new Uint8Array(5)

    i would like to send via Serial an array of row and colum as in the exemple of print()

    thanks for you help

  • The issue is that you're using 1 bit per pixel, so 8 bits are in each byte - and you're trying to retrieve bytes. If you used:

    var g = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(5,7,8, {zigzag:true});

    Then I'm pretty sure that'll work fine. I'm not sure what you're planning but you may find you don't want the zigzag:true either, as that will make alternate scanlines reversed.

  • Hye, Gordon
    I need of a byte array (0,1) (pixel OFF, pixel ON) row by raw.
    the matrix is on/off not in 8bits.
    or i do not understand what is an arrayBuffer...

    in your example it is suppose to do that (it's exactly what i need to transfer to my display via serial):


    it does not... why?

  • Graphics.prototype.print = function() {
      for (var y=0;y<this.getHeight();y++)
        console.log(new Uint8Array(this.buffer,this.getWidth()*y­,this.getWidth()).toString());
    var g = Graphics.createArrayBuffer(8,8,8);
     _____                 _
    |   __|___ ___ ___ _ _|_|___ ___
    |   __|_ -| . |  _| | | |   | . |
    |_____|___|  _|_| |___|_|_|_|___|
     1v95.43 Copyright 2017 G.Williams

    I added .toString because now it outputs new Uint8Array([0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0]) as new Uint8Array(8) to save space.

    And the output is different because the default font has changed.

  • Hello,
    As i enable to control the flipdot hannio' display ( see forum) with an espruino.
    I'm trying to communicate to an arduino which control the display.
    Spi and i2c are in use in the arduino so i do with serial. It's not really good (i suppose i'm trying comm to fast) but i'm able iniate a com between the boards...
    I'm able to transfer array, but at the moment, not the arrayBuffer.


  • Ahh - try Serial.println(new Uint8Array(...).toString()). I'd have thought that would output something like 0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0\r\n that should be pretty easy to receive.

  • yes, great the use of println()... there is a final CR, easy to detect to call the refresh display function.


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transform a ArrayBuffer to an array

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