Can't type in IDE

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  • I got a puck in the Kickstarter, played with a bit and then left it for a while. I've decided to pick it up again but can't seem to type in the IDE.

    I updated to the latest Espruino IDE download, I managed to flash the latest firmware to the puck using nRF connect on my Android Phone, but whenever I manage to connect to the Puck on my Windows 10 laptop with the downloaded IDE I can't type in the left hand screen. Also uploading scripts has no effect.

    I can connect to about 7 different com ports althoguh only some of them work. I didn't find anything in the troubleshooting. Any Ideas?

    Thanks, Brian

  • Hi Brian - if you're connecting to a COM port then that'll be your problem. Puck.js isn't a COM port device, and should appear as a special bluetooth device in the connection menu.

    Are you sure you're using the IDE download that's suggested here:­art

    If you're using the Web App from Chrome (or even running it by accident if you had used it with an Espruino device before) then it won't show any Bluetooth LE devices.

  • Thanks for the reply. After unpairing and re-pairing a few times as well as doing a full reset I managed to connect.

  • Great! It seems firmware 1v95 may have some connection issues on Windows as well - I'm looking into those so hopefully in a few days we'll have a new firmware that can be connected to more easily as well.

    Otherwise firmware 1v94 seems ok (although some have reported that 1v92 is even easier for some reason).

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Can't type in IDE

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