nRF52 Low Level Libraries

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  • I put this online yesterday:

    The nRF52 microcontroller used in Puck.js has a load of really interesting peripherals built-in, not all of which are exposed by Espruino. The microcontroller also contains something called PPI - the "Programmable Peripheral Interconnect". This allows you to 'wire' peripherals together internally.

    PPI lets you connect an event (eg. a pin changing state) to a task (eg. increment the counter). All of this is done without the processor being involved, allowing for very fast and also very power efficient peripheral use.

    Currently only GPIO and Timers/Counters are supported, but if there's something specific then I'm definitely up for adding more... eg. DMA

    This kind of thing is super useful for high speed stuff. For instance measuring pulse lengths or frequencies is trivial with this.

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nRF52 Low Level Libraries

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