• Hi Gordon,

    I am new in BLE usage.
    I've found (in BLE standard) something about Scan Responce requests, which may be used to send some data to BLE device in advertising mode, without connection. I think it may be useful to save battery (and may be not, depending of implementation).
    Does Puck.js have possibility to receive these requests? Is it really useful to save battery compared to work in connected mode?

  • Yes, it does - although only in 1v92 which will be released in a few days hopefully (or the 'cutting edge' travis builds).

    You use it like this:

    NRF.setScanResponse([0x07,  // Length of Data
      0x09,  // Param: Complete Local Name
      'S', 'a', 'm', 'p', 'l', 'e']);
  • Awesome, @Gordon! Is there a way to guess which CI builds contain something emerging like this? (I certainly don't want to create another documentation task. :-D )

  • It's a good point - I guess ideally there would be a Travis documentation task that build the reference pages and then copied them and the changelog into the Travis folder.

    For now, you'd have to look at a certain Git commit in http://www.espruino.com/binaries/travis, and then look on GitHub at the Changelog at that revision

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Is it a way to send data to Puck.js using BLE in advertising mode?

Posted by Avatar for SergeP @SergeP