Puck.js for the non kickstarters

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  • Hey Gordon,

    Have you got date/month the puck will be available to us non backers ? Getting pretty jealous of the fun people are having in the forums.

    If anyone one has a extra puck in the cupboard I'd happily help with rehoming it ;-)

  • I'm hoping to get them up for sale today! Also Adafruit should put some online very soon as well.

    I was hoping to add some kind of shopping cart to the Espruino website so I could properly account for VAT, currencies and bulk discounts. I just haven't had time though, so I think I'm back to Tindie for the moment.

  • haha i must be a mind reader, cheers for the reply. I'll keep checking for a link.

    have you had a look a stripe.com ? You could knock up a product page and use their API to take payment.

  • I had vaguely. To be honest I was probably just going to use PayPal. I hate it, but the majority of people do have accounts now and some people are still iffy about entering credit card details on a 'new' site.

    I'm actually veering more towards just listing everything on Amazon. While they charge quite a bit, probably when I add up development time, accountants fees, lost shipments, etc it's actually a better deal.

    For now I'll just stick stuff on Tindie though.

  • I've had good experiences with Tictail. If you just overlook the hipsters who use it and the marketplace, it's actually pretty nice. Takes payments from PayPal and Stripe, with no additional fees, and has all the features you mentioned. Some through addons which cost very little, otherwise it's free. Easy to edit the design of your store front too.

    Of course, you'd still have to manage shipping, accounting, etc yourself.

  • Picked up a couple Pucks from Adafruit today! Going fast - 29 in stock when I first looked, down to 16 when order placed.

  • Thanks! I've updated the Order page with details about all the folks that stock devices: http://www.espruino.com/Order

    I have a feeling Adafruit will be out by the time they make their 'New Products' announcement!

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Puck.js for the non kickstarters

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