Stable build for 12E

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  • hi,

    I see of version is available, but I just wanted to see which version is most stable. I am planning on putting a few on production, so just wanted to see which one works for best. I not using a lot of modules. mostly Wifi, http. that's all


  • Moving to ESP8266 - I guess that's what you were asking about?

  • v1.87 is a good bet for ESP8266. AFAIK there hasn't been any ESP8266 specific development in the later versions. Earlier versions might not get you the 1700 jsVars which is where the ESP8266 port ended up.

  • ESP8266

    yes, thank you for doing that. Really appreciate it :)

  • @Ollie is it from the official build or from @tve build?

    Please clarify.

  • Also @Ollie, I would really appreciate if you could point me to the download link.


  • Here you go­o_1v87_esp8266/

    For anything earlier you will need @tve builds I think

    You can see/grab later builds at /binaries level.

  • thanks for your response.

    It worked well.


  • @navas if you like to use a newer version just replace boot_v1.6.bin with with boot_v1.5.bin for complete flash with

  • @MaBe, I see that version 1.87 contains boot_v1.4(b1).bin. Should I be updating with boot_v1.5 ?


  • @navas

    if you like to flash 1v90 you need to use boot_v1.5 and not boot_v1.6 which comes with versions >= 1v88 of Espruino for ESPs

  • So is the issue with boot_v1.6 or with the newer binaries (>=1.88)?

  • No - @frida just pointed out that version 1.3-dev can not handle boot_v1.6

    So it could by a issue with esptool - have to check.

    Using boot_v1.5 is just a workaround until the root cause is fixed.

  • Homemade problem - my flash command had a typo .....

    for details see­539/

  • Any clue where I can find boot_v1.5 file? Link you posted is dead now. :(

  • Hi stevo, sorry for that dead link.

    boot_v1.5.bin is part of the 1.5 SDK, check the attachement on this page­=46&t=2198#p7002

  • Just to add: Espruino is now build with SDK 2.0 which uses boot_1.6.bin

  • Thanks for the reply @MaBe and the link. I finally figured out why I kept getting a bad build; now I can use the 'cutting edge' build as long as I use the 'dio' option instead of 'qio' when flashing.

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Stable build for 12E

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