Getting started with Puck.js on Windows?

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  • Hi, I tried to get started with my Puck.js using Windows 10. I noticed that Web Bluetooth is not supported for Windows. So I installed the native application for Windows. After that I enabled Bluetooth and the Puck.js is listed in the overview of all devices.

    When I try to find the Puck.js using the native Espruino Web IDE, I get this message "Searching ... No ports found". Do I have to enable a port in the firewall and are there additional things to do?

    Thanks in advance.

  • As a fellow Windows user, this is what I have learnt so far:

    1) Chrome on Windows does not yet support Web Bluetooth -- apparently its coming in 2017

    2) You need to install the native IDE which can be downloaded from­ive-application

    3) Not all Bluetooth hardware supports BLE. I needed to purchase a dongle for my laptop to see the BLE devices. I went for­6NTLGY/ but other BT adaptors which support v4.0 BT should work.

    4) A good check is to install a BLE mobile app. Its called "nRF Connect" under Android and "nRF Toolbox" on iOS. This can be used to confirm that the Puck is working and upgrade its firmware. Web Bluetooth also works under the latest versions of Chrome under Android.

    Hope this helps

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  • Thanks, I used an old version of the Espruino Web IDE. Now it works fine.

  • I think in Windows you need to pair the device using the Windows Bluetooth menu before the Web IDE is able to access it.

    Which version of the IDE worked for you, and which one didn't? If it's some problem with the recent version I'd like to get it fixed asap.

  • You are right. Pairing is needed to get access. The current version works well (v65.8). I used an older version before.

  • James
    Owner of 5 Pucks

    Your're just showing off you are!

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Getting started with Puck.js on Windows?

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