MySensors on Espruino!

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  • I've thrown together a module for talking the MySensors serial protocol:¬≠nsors

    MySensors is an integration platform for connecting sensor networks to your home automation hub. The original use was for RF24L01 mesh networks connected through a gateway node to some sort of home automation controller (openHAB, Vera, etc.) through a standard serial API using standard sensor and data types. I've found it handy for standardising messaging to/from my microcontrollers, so I've started porting it to Espruino.

    Since I use wifi for all my Espruino sensors (rather than something non-ethernet), I've combined the gateway into the individual nodes so that each will talk directly to the controller. There's some basics in the readme and an example for TCP, as well as another module for all the enumerations (saving space in the main module, in case they aren't needed).

  • Great, thanks! I don't suppose you want to submit this to EspruinoDocs to get it on the main Espruino site?

  • Yep, I'll do that. I'd like to test it a bit first though in case I want to change the implementation.

  • Updated to support mqtt (as well as serial/tcp socket), changed the functions around a bit to be neater.

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MySensors on Espruino!

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