What type of capacitor is this?

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  • I'm looking for this type of capacitor, but I have no idea what type it is:
    Eagle Cad partslist:
    C12 100u 6.3V PANASONIC_D SparkFun-Capacitors (445 1620) R0

  • What product was this on? Personally, I'd look at the part's outline and compare it against common sizes. It it's 100uF it's unlikely to be a tiny surface mount device.

  • Probably a 100uF tanatalum capacitor in a size D SMD case? That'd be my guess..
    Is the size of the footprint of that part on the board consistent with that?

  • I was at the hospital the other day and noticed a parasitical pump and wondered if I could use an Espruino to control it. Anyways,I stumbled upon the Bartendro from partyrobotics.com I believe the Bartendro uses the same "brains" as an Arduino and was wondering if replacing the "brains" with an Espruino is worth the hassle and time. Anyways, its not a project that I'm willing to attempt ATM. Its more of a curiosity of how much parts and the pcb will cost if I would to build my own instead of paying the 119$ for an already assembled product. I'm thinking the bulk of the 119$ price tag is due to research and development.

    @Gordon You're right, its not a tiny surface mount device

    @DrAzzy looks like a D SMD case Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor; however, I'm not sure if there is another D SMD style case cap that I could confuse with what is required to use.

    I uploaded the brd and sch files.

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  • Wow, 6.3v is an unusually low voltage spec for an aluminum electrolytic... It's common on tants and ceramics, but electrolytics are typically 10, 16, 25, or higher...

    Is that the cap visible in the picture on the site by any chance? Do note that it's not a 6.3v 100uF cap in the picture!

    For a device like that - how much can you get the pump + motor assembly for? I would not be surprised if a suitable pump and motor assembly was where the majority of the price was going towards. Motor mounting is one of those things that sounds simple, but is actually a real bitch to do.

  • @DrAzzy I was assuming that was the cap visible in the picture on their website.
    I can purchase a pump + motor(24v) from ebay for about $8 and change from China. I'm not sure about the quality of the pump and motor though. A really nice quality made pump will cost a bloody fortune.

  • Lol, well, that ain't a 100uf cap. Could it be the "eagle library" effect wherever people do the design using parts that have the same package but different description?

    That's a pump with attached motor? That's not bad. (If that's for a pump and motor separately, which you have to figure out how to connect to each other, that might be more work than the whole rest of the project. I think every project I've attempted that called for mounting a motor on something has failed because we couldn't pill that part off)

  • Nice - that's an amazingly good price for a pump.

    The hard part is mounting the motor onto the pump. Everything else you can do with duct tape, solder, and zipties, it's just the strong, rigid connection between the motor and pump that's hard...

  • Ahh IC. Duct Tape and zipties, my go to project materials :-)

  • Looks like an aluminum: https://www.brit.co/bartendro/
    Voltage ratings that low are quite common actually, the voltage rating probably drives the price more than the capacitance. I've seen 600V capacitors at $100 each that are only micro Farads.
    EDIT: Also, *rages at use of RJ45 plug for non-Ethernet interface*

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What type of capacitor is this?

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