Espruino 1v82 released

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  • Hi,

    Another pretty large release that's been a while coming, but we have:

    Debugger Line numbers

    As well as fixing some bugs that worked their way into the 1v81 release, the debugger now stores line numbers, and the Web IDE interprets these and highlights the current line of execution. Not only that, but Web IDE improvements mean you have even hover the mouse over variables and get their values!

    shiftOut function

    While you could do an Arduino-style shiftOut using software SPI, this is actually a massive improvement. It'll let you shift out data on multiple pins simultaneously - for instance the new LPD6416 driver uses this to scan out the whole display.


    Just type a few characters and hit tab in the console to autocomplete what you're typing - including variables and fields that you've defined.

    I2C repeated start

    This has been outstanding for a while, but it now works fine - there are a few bits of hardware that you couldn't use before that you now can.

    Memory usage improvements

    Espruino now uses its built in variables (JsVars) a lot more efficiently than it did before when storing functions - it should mean a really big difference, especially in minified code like modules.

    It could give you space for around 25% more code!

    SPI/I2C/Serial now check the 'options' argument

    And they'll create an error if you give them an option they weren't expecting. This should help trap a whole heap of potential bugs (for instance typing MOSI instead of mosi when trying to specify an SPI output pin).

    AES Cryptography

    Now included on the Pico. Also SHA1/224/256/384 and 512, and PBDK2.

    HTTPS and TLS support

    On the Pico only I'm afraid (it's the only one with enough RAM). You can now use HTTPS and TLS on ESP8266 WiFi (when plugged into a Pico), WIZnet W5500 ethernet, and even GSM!


    Lots of other bugfixes and tweaks, which are too small or too embarrassing to mention here!

  • Thank you so much for all of cryptography features :)

  • No problem.

  • Awesome! Thanks!

  • Epic update! Great stuff!

  • HTTPS?! Nice! :)

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Espruino 1v82 released

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